Welcome to my blog!

Developers are supposed to have blogs, so here’s mine. I hope to post on everything from software architecture and coding problems/solutions to devOps strategy and infrastructure to team organization and management. I’ll also include my thoughts on books I’ve read and whatever else comes to mind.

About this site

I’m not a designer and I’m not really a frontend developer. I have a fair bit of experience with AngularJS, but I’ve always leveraged frameworks like Bootstrap or Angular Material to do the heavy lifting around design/styling/layout. The majority of my work has been backend (Node.js), so while I know enough HTML and CSS to be dangerous I don’t know enough to be good.

I was initially hoping to use this site as an opportunity to learn some of the web-building skills I’d previously neglected. Except that noble learning goal kept getting pushed aside for other things and all the while the site was pretty ugly.

So here is a new site.

It’s built using Hugo with the Ananke theme.

Hugo is simple to use and pleasure to work with. I haven’t needed to do much customization, so I can’t speak to that, but for what I wanted to build it’s been perfect.

I was previously hosting the site via Github pages, but I opted to move to Firebase. That decision was a little arbitrary, except that I thought it may be fun to plug into the realtime database that comes with Firebase for some future features/projects.

Anyway, my site is up and I’ve submitted my first post.

Away we go!

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